iPhone X iPhone X, features,gestures you would change


Dec 16, 2008
Really like my iPhone X but there are somethings that get me as not being polished or well thought out. I’ll start with control center and widgets as well as notifications. I don’t think that control center is in the right place. They should have placed it in the home screen with a swipe left replacing the widgets. I mean why have two different ways to summon widgets. This way getting to control center would be just an easy swipe away that you can do one handed. And for the love of all things electronic can Apple please categorize Notification Center instead of having everything scattered all over the place. And last but not least resetting the phone. Why couldn’t they just make it the same way you turn off the phone except that you would hold the side power button longer resetting the phone. What are your thoughts? Would like to hear them.


Nov 23, 2007
I wish the screen was bigger. I came from a 6+ which I loved and the salesman talked me into the ask because the screen was bigger, and I like to watch videos and TV on it. I should have checked, because what he didn’t tell me was it’s a little longer but it is narrower, which I don’t like. That alone almost made me take it back. Other than that it seems OK.

It’s certainly not worth all the hype in my opinion. Most of the new things like face recognition Animojis and some sort of camera improvement mean nothing to me. I wouldn’t have upgraded if my 6+ hadn’t started to die. I still miss that wider screen.


Jun 30, 2007
I loved the gestures.. To me they thought it all out well except for Multitasking. That gesture was a little hard for me. Especially one handed. But since I learned the upside down L trick. It's much better for me. Pull up and pause feels weird.., But if I pull up and slide my finger to the right. It instantly pulls up Multitasking. Mush more fluid for me.

All in all I am very happy with the gestures.