iPhone X iPhone X random apps freezes


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Jul 25, 2018
I have the iPhone from like 3 weeks but since then I have issues with most of the apps like Youtube, Snapchat, Siri and sometimes system apps but for now only twice. The others are very often. Well while using it sometimes the app just freezes then my phone freezes to or just the phone freezes! Its easy to fix, I just press the sleep/wake button and the colume down key for several times and the phone unfreezes. Sometimes when in settings for ringtones it just laggs.
i saw some videos on youtube they say to download some kind of software i don't understand how a software on my mac can solve this And the audio is very distorted but thats not that big of an issue. Could this be due to bad optimization of the apps or my phone is the problem? I am on the latest iOS version and I still experience it. It happens more often and often.