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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by 1<3Iphone, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. 1<3Iphone

    1<3Iphone New Member

    Hey, so i just bought a Xbox 360 + Halo 3 (yay!), but I'm curious how I can get my iPhone music to play through it.

    The 360 doesn't recognize the music aspect of it, but it does find the pictures I have on the phone... now, HOW do I stream my music through the Xbox 360 using my iPhone?

    Thanks in advance :) (oh yeah, not sure if this should go in the regular iPhone forum or not...w/e)
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  2. Nikos

    Nikos New Member

    In short, it isn't possible to stream music directly from your iPhone.
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  4. Vtecnturbo

    Vtecnturbo New Member

    you do it the same way as the ipod.
    you have to have Xbox Live.
    go to marketplave and download the ipod /usb music software(how ever they word it). once it is downloaded connect your ipod/iPhone and it will be detected. only issue i have noticed is that it sees all your music not playlist so you have to make the playlist through the xbox.
  5. crewxp

    crewxp New Member


    Any Update on this? I've searched multiple threads, and downloaded the "Optional iPod Software" for the 360, but it still doesn't give me an option to play my music from my iPhone.

    I'm willing to pay $10.00 to someone if it's possible to get it working, and they do help me get it.
  6. rpr986

    rpr986 New Member

    $10.00 haha
  7. meiphones_brill

    meiphones_brill New Member

    You create a playlist - and in iTunes select - Burn Playlist to disk.

    You take the disk out - pit it in your x-box and then rip it again.

    Bummer - have you seen the exchange rate? That's only 5 quid!
  8. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Yeah I know .. :/

    Whatever works.

    And I can't keep doing the burn to disc thing, I heard people have gotten the iPhone working with the 360, so that's why.
  9. MJN555555

    MJN555555 New Member

    Could you connect your iPhone to your 360 and use it as a wireless internet router?
  10. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    i doubt it, but if anything will work it's PDAnet.
  11. Skol312000

    Skol312000 New Member

    Apple probably want you to buy a 50$ cable just so you can do it, that what they do with the TV out for the 3g.
  12. JGC843

    JGC843 New Member

    Does anyone know where to download from the marketplace is since the big update? I looked in the video and game markets, but nothing... stupid xbox. :mad:
  13. iPhoneMonster

    iPhoneMonster New Member

  14. Thomassays

    Thomassays New Member

    I use iPhone 3gs with MyWi app as a wireless modem for xbox 360, but I encounter a strict NAT Type. Fido, on multiple occasions have told me that they are not blocking anything. After several weeks of research on net, my closest lead suggests that 3G broadband networks assign private IP rather than public IP address. Various forums suggest that the private IP is behind at NAT. I have not found a method to adjust router settings on my iPhone 3gs 3.1.2. Is any of this information accurate, and if so, how do I get a public IP address.
  15. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    No need to bump multiple threads, one would be sufficient.
  16. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    The mywi app should handle the public/private ip issue. And I would be vary careful with gaming on the iPhone's connection. You could easily go over your 5 gb download cap.
  17. Ncalien

    Ncalien Member

    Are your Xbox and Computer that is synced to the computer on the same network ? Are you a PC ?

    If so your best bet would be to hook up your ipod to your computer(if neccesary) and drag the desired playlist into Windows Media player. Find your shared folder on your network and make sure that all Windows Media PLayer streams through this folder. From here when you sign into live you can select you computer, then playlist and your music will play as long as you are Live.

    Oh and Halo 3 .. Add me CreativeAssasin if you arent a newb
  18. Thomassays

    Thomassays New Member

    thanks for quick reply. Ah...Data usage was first concern, I've monitored it and have yet to approach 6gb data package.
    You mention MyWi should handle public/private ip address. If that's the case,I assume that MiWi completes this task automatically as I can not manually configure MyWi. I also assume that I'm still NAT'd behind a private IP configuration, which means my xbl gaming is hindered by strick NAT. Sooo, I would like to figure out how to utilize open NAT through MyWi to myxbox360 - connecting to Internet via 360 not an issue, just the NAT issue

  19. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    Beyond that, I'm not sure. I haven't used mywi.
  20. bparkerson04

    bparkerson04 Member

    From a networking standpoint, you should turn NAT off, which will then cause your router to stop hiding the private IP's of the devices on your network, which is done by assigning alias IP addresses to your data packets once they leave your network...but I wouldn't reccomend doing that becasue then anyone can see all of the devices on your network, and their addresses, if they wanted to.

    Also, a lot of home routers actually do not use NAT, but instead use something called Port Address Translation (PAT), which instead of giving your outgoing packets an alias IP, instead they (the outbound packets) have a source address that is the same as the IP address assigned to you by your ISP, and instead of the address translation occurring, the packets are instead given a specific TCP port to use for transmission and reception.
  21. Thomassays

    Thomassays New Member

    ahhhh..... thank you. I learned something new. However, I can not turn off NAT via my router. My iPhone is my router/modem. I use MyWi (iPhone App) to 'wirelessly' transmit the signal to xbox 360. MyWi app doesn't allow for any NAT configuration.

    I traced my ip, to Toronto, and my ISP (Roger's Cable), has my iPhone behind an Hghly Anonymous Proxy - i need an annonymous proxy setup. Fido, my cell carrier (AKA Roger's Cable), claims they can not help me with this issue, and said that Apple must help. Apple, will not help unless I pay 30-something $, as my complimentary telephone tech support is expired.

    I see that my iPhone (3GS 3.1.2: JB) has the ability to allow for proxy inputs under the network tab. I haven't a clue as to what h&*$ to put in there, or if that would even work. I've found servers that bypass proxy restrictions, by allowing users to navigate to their server webpage, and type a desired URL (e.g. facebook) through this new host server web page. This is great for students that are denied certain websites by network administrators, but it is of no help to me from gaming stand point. so, once again, i do appreciate your reply. :eek:k:eek:k

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