iPhone's back - Pitting?

Oct 2, 2007
I just got my iPhone for a week now, and I found two inexplicable black specks on the aluminum back that can't be rubbed off no matter how much I try. I've never dropped the phone and have been extremely careful with it, and this reminds me of my old PowerBook where black dots appeared after years of usage due to pitting.

But my iPhone is only a week old! I can't have sweat that acidic right? Don't have sweaty palms either.

Is there some kind of paint of some sort similar to the colour of the iPhone's back that I can rub the black specks over or something? Starting to bug me even though it's rather minute (yes yes, I probably have OCD).


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Jul 31, 2007
Fort Knox, KY area
You sure you never had some chemical or something on your hands? I cant see pitting occuring without either being caused by something abrasive or a chemical. Maybe your iPhone is allergic to you.. heh.. but in all seriousness, unfortunately you had to have gotten something on the phone to have it occur.


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Jun 30, 2007
Try not to worry about it. Over time it's going to begin to look "used", it can't stay perfect forever. I know how it feels though, sort of like the first ding on a new car or first kool-aid spill on a new carpet.

Try to enjoy your phone and forget about it :)