iPhones stop working when i get home?

Jun 16, 2010
Hi all...i can't explain this. it seems my 3G and my wife's 3Gs stop working (for phone calls) as we get close to the house. they don't work at all at home. this started this past saturday. if we make calls with them we cant hear anything. its like the earpiece and mic just stop working altogether. i've tried inserting headphone jacks several times to see if that would solve it but it did not. when we leave the house and get about a minute up the road they start working again. we've never had this issue until this past saturday.

any ideas what it could be?

first my wife called t-mo and they told her to do an ERASE ALL on her phone and then set up as new in iTunes. "big mistake" because our phones are jailbroken. after the erase all....i cant jailbreak it. been trying for hours and hours. (mine has not been touched).

it seems like theres something at hime causing this but nothing at home has changed.

please help me figure this out.




Jun 21, 2010
Possible dead spot? Check with your carrier to see if they are having tower issues, others with the same problems, etc..
Jun 16, 2010
Check for tower problems/maintenance as well.
will do...i'll check the neaby tower but i don't think that could be it because when i use th iPhones to call another number...say, my house phone, then the house phone rings. or if i can my sister's house it rings there as well. so it looks like i have cell signal.
Jul 14, 2008
I have this problem with my 4S on Verizon. When I am at home, I get below edge speeds and the GPRS circle shows instead of 3G. The first day I brought the phone home, I dropped nearly all the calls I tried to make. Once I get a block away, I get the exact speeds that I get on my AT&T iPhone and calls on the Verizon iPhone are just as good as on my AT&T iPhone.

At this point, I can't afford to get rid of my AT&T iPhone because if I did, I would not have a reliable phone at home.