iPod gets lost on Safari & stuff

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New Member
Jul 6, 2007
Queens, NY
I can see now that surfing the web on safari while listening to tunes is going to lead to a lot of frustration. It's almost guaranteed that the ipod will cut out while safariing- and safari seems to have bugs of its own right that lead it to crash on its lonesome. I've got an 8 giger so memory size doesn't seem to be the issue. That's too bad because the simultaneity of running programs was a, er, the major selling point for me. I'm still blown away by the device's simple beauty and obvious genius. Apple better send a rescue expedition pronto, however.

Other problems: 1) Ipod- Album Artwork- A lot of artwork is missing from the iTunes library for the music I have. I first thought that was excusable until I realized that Windows Media player didn't have the same problem. But what was really inexcusable was that the iTunes store didn't have "Sgt. Peppers" for the Cover Flow.

2) Safari- again- Besides the surprise trips back to the home page, I'm a little confused about the Edge vs. WiFi symbol. Maybe my hotspot wasn't hot enough but it seems that in terms of loading (e.g. NY Times), there wasn't much of a difference (about 10+ seconds).

3) Syncing- Outlook 2000 on Vista- forgetabout it. Later versions of Outlook will do the job from what I hear but not for the 2000 version. I tried syncing to Windows Contacts with some success but my contacts were somehow doubled on the iPhone.

3) Battery- yes, hardware- didn't charge overnight while connected to the computer as I assumed it would and as Apple had advertised. It's probably because my laptop went to a low power state and didn't feed the battery. I did learn that from 10% to ~95% took approximately 3.5 hrs to recharge.

iLove it Still


New Member
Jul 14, 2007
Problem cannot be fixed by the user!

....this reply was originally posted in another forum. it is being reposted here so that more people will be informed....

I am experiencing the same problems. After exchanging the first iPhone that I stood in line at AT&T for I thought my problems were fixed. Not the case.

When using the iPod feature along with any other software (except the calculator) the iPod stops playing. iPod stops playing when used by itself also. Safari errors out regardless of the web site being viewed or how many tabs you have open.
Using the phone with a battery life below half increases the frequency of these errors.
Errors intensify and sometimes do not surface at all until the phone has been used more than 20hrs (idle time and charging time not included)

The problem is not with the individual web sites it is with the system software of the iPhone!
Restoring the phone does not solve the problem it only resets the phone. Problem are not OS specific HOWEVER mac users don’t seem to be affected as much. Either they aren’t affected as much or they aren’t broadcasting that they are mac users.......

Take your issues to an Apple store or call Apple customer service. YOU CANNOT EXCHANGE THE iPhone AT AT&T. You can only get a refund there (less a restocking fee). This problem is not 4g, 8g, OS, or region specific! The only way we will get these problems fixed is if we take the issue to Apple. These forums help, but because the phone isn’t open for system manipulation NOTHING you do at home will fix this problem IT CAN ONLY BE FIXED by a service update.



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Jul 14, 2007

I think that the problem might be memory based. The reason why resetting (holding down the lock and home button) seems to work is because resetting in this manner is just like a cold restart for your pc. . . it clears the memory.

Considering that most of us are having this problem while using multiple applications at the same time on the phone, it makes sense that the RAM levels might not be adequate.

“Remember class that RAM is different from HardDisk space” *wink*

This type of reset seems to clear the immediate crashing problem, but I still hold firm that you MUST take this issue to Apple. If nothing else so that Apple will be made aware of how we use our iPhones so that they can better address our needs during the next few service updates.

Some of the fatal contact syncing errors were fixed with the latest iTunes release 7.3.1 so we at least know that they are trying.

Good luck and keep your receipts