iPod playlist problems?


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Jul 6, 2007
My playlists don't seem to be correct on my phone. Things seem to be reversed. My "most played" playlist, which looks at play count, has songs that have been played the least. My "least played", has the most played songs. They are correct in iTunes; I've been using these lists on my iPod for a long time. My newest songs list doesn't look like it's right, nor does my recently unheard list. It looks like it's picking genres correctly, but otherwise smart playlists look to be the opposite of what I told it in iTunes. Is anyone else seeing this?


Aug 17, 2007
Chicago, IL
I spoke to someone at the Apple store today and they said that "Apple is aware of the reversing smart playlists, and are working on a software update to fix this." they also said that it only happens if you have more than one smart playlist that is being transfered to your iPhone. I will be finding out more on this thursday.
Aug 30, 2007
Similarly, I have noticed that my iPhone does not like playlists that are sorted by 'Least recently played'..

I have used this sort option (along with many other criteria) for years with my iPods and noticed no problems.
However, anytime I use it in a smart playlist and sync to the iPhone, the playlist ends up totally different when viewed from the iPhone itself as compared to in iTunes. Different songs altogether. The iPhone playlist songlist that shows in iTunes (while the iPhone is docked) does not have the same songs as the same playlist viewed in iPhone.

I've checked, synced, rechecked and tried this many many times over the weeks and it just seems not to work.
And yes, I do use multiple Smart Playlists (I'd be lost without them).

I tried syncing the exact same playlist to my Nano and it worked fine.

JLHollander, did you get any further explanation/relief from Apple about this misbehavior?

Noting that the above posters identify the problem as 'reversing' I tried creating a test Sm playlist - 25 MOST recently played songs. When synced, I see the 25 most recent songs copying over to the iPhone, but when viewed in the iPhone (after sync completes), the playlist has the 25 LEAST recently played. So yes, it IS reversing the option on the iPhone but the sync still copies the songs over according to the correct criteria.
As expected, when I switch the criteria LEAST recent and sync, the list in iPhone reverts to songs MOST recently played. However, they are the songs most recently played via iPod function on the iPhone - not on iTunes!

Update: A member over on the Apple support forums has found a workaround. Doesn't actually fix the bug but enables the smart playlists to work.
Apple Forum Link Here


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Aug 11, 2007
On-The-Go Playlists:

iPod - Save your current On The Go and just create another.

iPhone - Sync your phone. The current On The Go will go into the previous On The Go's list, and you will be able to make a new one. You cannot save playlists directly from the iPhone.


Jul 5, 2007
A program called MNPLight (Move N Play Light) allows you to create playlists on the go. You simply create a playlist in the iPod's on-the-go playlist, then you fire up MNPLight, press 'create new playlist' and then 'import from on-the-go'. Then you should have a brand new playlist created in the iPhone's (or iPod Touch's) iPod.