iPod Touch 2G = Full *UN*tethered Jailbreak

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Jan 9, 2009
The iphone-Dev team last night has finally done it. They have released a full untethered jailbreak!

The following guide is for Windows. If you are on OS X, you can wait until later today for QuickPWN and all those other apps to update themselves for the iPT2G.

1. Download the “unofficialsn0w 2.0″ here: http://is.gd/mRY8
2. Download the iPT2G 2.2.1 firmware here: http://is.gd/mRZH
3. Rename the firmware file to “OriginalFW.ipsw” (without the quotes) and put it in /IPSW
4. Run the IPSW.bat file (it could take a while).
5a. Right click on the jb.ispw and either open with Winrar or 7.zip.
5b. Go into Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.n72ap.production\.
5c. Delete the LLB file.(optional since it will be replaced by the new one).
5d. Replace (by dragging) with the LLB file that’s in the same folder as the jb.ipsw. Move on to step 6.
6. Place your iPod Touch 2G into DFU mode, plug it in and run RUNME.exe (PLEASE SEARCH GOOGLE IF YOU ARE UNSURE ON HOW TO GET INTO DFU MODE).
7. Go into iTunes and shift-click on either “UPDATE” or “RESTORE” based on what you want to do. Update will obviously update your device to the jailbroken firmware, and restore will start from scratch WITH the jailbroken firmware.

Thanks to shortperson1026 on the iPTF forum for this tutorial. It was slightly re-written from it’s original form to be slightly easier.

Please take part in the poll. You can vote from the 4 options above. Also, if the mods will let me post this, please vote your same answer over at my blog. You can find it in my sig.


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Dec 14, 2008
Dec 17, 2008
Yeah you can't go wrong with quickfreedom. Unless of course you're retarded or something.
Guess I may be...:oops:
When it gets to the point set up as new ipod or restore....which should I choose?

Will restore just bring back data or overwrite JB firmware?

Edit: To answer my own question.... either choice is fine:laugh2: the restore left Cydia and installer(As if they were base icons) on the ipod
and I then just did a sync.

I voted "Hell Yeah in Poll...since I used Quick freedom maybe the second choice would have been more appropriate...

Thanks for the links to Quick Freedom worked like a charm.:cool:

Oh also that link is old they have a newer version of QF out already.