iPod Touch 5th Gen -- How to Call and Text

Discussion in 'iPod Touch' started by raqball, Oct 25, 2012.

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    So, I recently picked up a 5th generation iPod touch and wanted to use it to make phone calls and send text messages. I realize this can only be done over Wi-Fi or hotspot but thought some may find this info helpful.

    What you need:

    1. A Google Voice account with the free Google Voice phone #
    2. Talkatone from App Store
    3. A Google Voice App. The best options are:
    • GV Connect is optimized for the 4" screen and also integrates seamlessly with Talkatone & Boxee.
    • GV Mobile+ is optimized for the 4" screen and also integrates seamlessly with Talkatone.
    • The official Google Voice App which is horrid in my opinion. Not optimized for the 4" screen and no Talkatone integration.


    1. Log into your Google Voice account and make sure under settings that 'Forward calls to: Google Chat' is checked. This will route all incoming and outgoing calls through the Talkatone app.
    2. Log into the Google Voice app that you downloaded and choose the settings that suit you.
    3. Log into the Talkatone app with your Google Voice credentials. Explore the settings and set them how you want.

    *GV Connect is very feature rich. It's missing push notifications but that is easily solved using Boxcar (see below).. It's also optimized for the 4" retina display. If you choose this app you will need to download and install Boxcar to get push notifications.

    If you want to use GV Connect and get push notifications for texts then download Boxcar from the app store and set it up for use with your Google Voice account. Notifications are instant and it works as expected.

    **GV Mobile+ is very nice as well. It also integrates nicely with Talkatone and it's optimized for the 4" retina display. If you choose this app there is no need for Boxcar as it has built in push notifications.

    ***The official Google Voice app is horrid but it does work. It is not optimized for the 4" retina display but it does have notifications built in.

    Once done setting these apps up, you are set and ready to roll! Now, whenever you are connected to WiFi or a hotspot you can make and receive phone calls for free using your Google Voice #. You can also send and receive text messages to anyone for free using that same Google Voice #.

    With Wifi and hotspots just about everywhere it really makes for a nice little set up...


    1. No 911 calling (program your local police, fire and EMS phone #'s into contacts and you are set)
    2. No WiFi or hotspot = No service
    3. Call quality depends on the quality of the connection.. I have had no problems whatsoever using voice over Talkatone.
    4. No MMS


    1. No monthly bills or fees
    2. Call or text anyone
    3. Cheaper gear ($600 iPhone 5 -v- $300 iPod 5th Gen)
    4. No contracts
    5. Use the same # for calls and texts
    6. No jailbreak needed
    7. Google Voice has real call blocking built in. Google also has a large blacklist of spammers and telemarketers that automatically blocked..
    8. Google voicemail might just be the best on the plant!

    I recommend using:

    1. GV Connect or GV Mobile+ for text messages.
    2. Talkatone for the phone calls..
    3. Boxcar for the Google Voice push notifications if you use GV Connect (Boxcar is not needed for GV Mobile+ or the official Google Voice app)

    They all integrate and play nicely together and notifications are instant.

    I tried to make this simple and short... If I missed anything please feel free to ask. It will take all of about 10-15 minutes total to set it all up and you will be cookin'

    I hope this will help others who may want to use their iPod for calls and texts.

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    Nice write up. I've contemplated this in the past (iPod as phone) but opted against it. Although the battery life on mifi devices are rather poor, you could pick one up to use if you wanted a constant wifi signal. A mifi plan is still a lot cheaper per month than an iPhone bill...

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    Just use the text free app I believe it's called lets you send mms text and calls I use this on the ipad
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    Very true on the mifi..

    I am almost always around Wi-Fi and living in So. Cal means I have a Starbucks (and WiFi) on just about every corner..

    This is more of a tinker for me because I have an iPhone 5 but the more I use this setup the more I consider axing my cellular plan and going with this only..

    Some have very scarce Wi-Fi options so this setup may not be optimal. If you live around constant Wi-Fi or as suggested above want to use a mifi, I think it's an option that should be seriously considered...
  5. raqball

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    I tried TextFree but it only lets you contact other TextFree users unless you want to pay via in app purchase monthly to unlock the unlimited feature.. 500 minutes is $10 which is not bad, but still not free...

    The setup above is free and you can call or text anyone...

    Added bonuses of Google Voice is REAL call blocking that carriers either charge extra for or do not exist for the iPhone and transcribed voicemails...

    I LOVE Google Voice...
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    I use talkatone. It uses Google Voice and you can prioritize calls over wifi so calling quality is very consistent, something that tends to be an issue with most VOIP apps.

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    Should be able to send text messages with Hangout.

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    Talk/Text is about the only good thing I have to say about my IPod 5 16g. I sure hope the 32g has more stuff!

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