iPod touch freeze and green screen, Please Help!


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Oct 21, 2008

I have a 8GB ipod touch with a huge problem.
The day after bought it i upgraded the software to 2.0 (illigal)
Everything went well till last week. i could get the ipod on, so i tried a reset (with the power and home button)
Once the ipod was turned on the screen freezed after a few minutes.
After that i pushed the power button but a green screen disappeared.
I tried to update the software to 2.1 (illigal) but the problem was still not fixed.
I also tried to reset the settings at the ipod but that didn't fixed the problem.
When i tried the repair option in iTunes an error message displayed.
So the next step was to send it to Apple.
After 3 days they sended me an email saying that it was my own fault and that i used the ipod wrong so they didn't repaired it.
Hope some one can help me, maybe is the problem fixed after hacking it back to the original software.


Jun 30, 2010
Hi I'm using my iPod because my mom is being a complete b*tch. All u have to do is hold the power and home button till u see the Apple logo don't send Apple crap becuz Apple doesn't do jack try this method because my 8gb crApple touch gave me a green screen so I just held the home and power until like 38seconds and taa da rebooted and boom it's working