iPod touch Keeps Going to "slide to power off" screen?

Discussion in 'iPod Touch' started by smf98aggie, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. smf98aggie

    smf98aggie Member

    Hey guys, I have an older iPod touch 8gb. When I'm doing stuff on it lately, it will randomly go to the "slide to power off" screen. I updated the OS, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks, Shawn
  2. psylichon

    psylichon Moderator

    Sounds like a stuck power button to me. Have you tried "exercising" it a bit?
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  4. smf98aggie

    smf98aggie Member

    No, the power button doesn't feel stuck. The apps work; that screen will just randomly pop up while your doing stuff on it.
  5. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    Could be a software issue, but as it still happens following a firmware upgrade I would agree with Psylichon, sounds like a hardware issue to me!
  6. smf98aggie

    smf98aggie Member

    Here's a video of what it's doing:

  7. smf98aggie

    smf98aggie Member

    Nobody has any more suggestions?

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