iPod touch on TV

Nov 17, 2007
I have a cord that made it so I can play my ipod on tv. It worked well with my video ipod 5.1 generation, but it doesn't work with my ipod touch, i only get sound out of the touch and no video. There were more options on the old ipod video that i remember, but i can't seem to get video out of the touch. what is the problem? is that new av cable that Apple is selling for 49$ that connects to the touch via the bottom pin connector solve this problem? or did Apple forget to add video playback on tv on the touch? can someone help me out on this?


Oct 31, 2007
The iPod videos use the headphone out for composite video output.... the iPhone/Touch uses the dock connector. So yes, you have to buy the new cable to get video out of these
Jun 9, 2008
Yes you need the Apple cable made for the touch

In fact you don't have to buy this new cable if you have a dock. The ipod touch connects to the dock as usual and you can plug your current cable into the back of the dock. Therefore no need to buy a new cable. Of course if you don't have a dock then you'll need to either buy a dock or buy the new cable. I say buy the dock though since it's a better accessory as you can charge your ipod at the same time, the new cable would fill the charging point and you wouldn't be able to charge and output to tv at the same time