iPod Touch Questions


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Oct 15, 2007
I'm contemplating on buying an Ipod Touch or a Cowon D2.

The one reason I liked the Touch was because of the Wifi. I'm sure you can go on AIM, surf the web a little, watch YouTube videos and stuff. But when traveling, you can't be connected to the internet because you have to be a certain distance from the wireless hotspot, and if there are no unprotected hot spots around, it won't work. Correct?

Whenever I read reviews it's always talking about Mac OS, and I have Windows, so it still will work with Windows right?

Can you still sync the Touch with your iTunes like always, or can you only buy music from the Wifi Music Store?

Can you put full movies on it?

8GB or 16GB? I don't have that much music, so I think an 8GB would be fine, but after it's formatted it's probably only about 7GB. For anyone who has an 8GB, how much music and other stuff can you store on it? Do you wish you would have gotten a 16GB?

Is it worth the money? Do you think it's something that will be cool for a few weeks and then after that it's like cool, I can touch my screen and use Wifi.


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Aug 1, 2007
the ipod touch can sync with both windows and mac computers. You can put your own music on iTunes if you wish and sync it to the ipod. and you have the freedom to purchase music via the wifi iTunes music store on the ipod. Yes, you must have a wifi connection present in order to surf the web, watch youtube, or use the iTunes store on the ipod. I have the 8 gig one, and haven't even filled a gig yet. I don't regret one bit getting my ipod touch. its great.


Dec 1, 2007
You will not lose interest after a few weeks. You will constantly be finding new ways to Ise the touch. First thing is to google iPod touch sites. You will be floored at the number of dedicated touch / iPhone sites. I have become consumed by podcasts. Not just your average podcasts but what can be called podio casts. These are stories delivered via a podcast. These stories can be original new works or the old classics. These sites are plentiful. There are tons of gaming sites for when you are online and standard sites that after loaded stay available for reading off line. Them there is always the standard music and video functions to keep you happy. There are also tons of touch portals. Buy it you will love it. I have a 16gb and I have over a thousand songs several movies and hundreds of podcasts loaded and I have about 6 gig left.