iPod Touch Won't Completely Restore :(


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Jan 8, 2009
Howdy All,
New forum member,
Had an iPod touch for the last couple of months,
I got 'loads of people to buy 'em showing my own off. :D!

My iPod Touch as died!

I had previously jailbroken, then I restored later and had my iPod all normal for a good couple of months. While I was bored Sunday night I decided to jailbreak it again, this time in 2.2
All was dandy, I was back with such things as MxTube/Roms/ect...

But, this morning, everything took a horrid turn!
While listening to music, everything suddenyl ceased! :|
When I look back I saw that the "Apple Logo" was on.
I thought to myself,"Gee, must've been a minor glitch... this shouldn't last too long..."

Then it lasted for a couple of hours.

I turned it off and on again various times, to no avail.

Finally, after a horrid day of being music-less in school, I arrive home, and quickly rush to my pc thinking,"God! Please! Let restore work, I don't care about my notes and lost data, I have my music backed up... just give me my iPod back!"

And I put it in restore mode.

It begins to restore... all seems good...

Then suddenly,
Once the Apple Icon with the little bar under it is at max.
it just stays there.
iTunes keeps saying,"Waiting for iPod..." or something to that extend.
And well, my iPod is pretty much ready, 'cept that it won't leave that screen.

I also tried booting from DFU mode, same results.


Am I doomed?! :|

Do I have to send in my iPod for repairs?

Will they find I jailbroke it, and void my warranty?! :|


Please help,
Anything would be much appreciated.


Dec 16, 2008
If your iPod touch is currently jailbroken before it dead, then don't send it back to Apple. They will simply refuse to help you as you have voided your warranty


If you iPod touch was clean before you hacked it, send it back to Apple providing it still within warranty. I sent mine back last week and I received a Brand new 16gb iPod touch as Apple was not able to fix mine!


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Jan 19, 2009
how do you find out if the ipod is still under warranty? I know its one year but I am not sure how long I have had mine and I do not have a receipt or anything... I can restore it back to original settings easily...