Discussion in 'Cydia Apps' started by Too Many Secrets, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Just downloaded iRadio via AppTap. Seems pretty cool, but could use a search. Still seems a bit alpha, but it seems to work ok.
  2. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    This app would be great if it had some decent station on there. Just my opinion of course. But I need some rock and roll baby! This was mostly spiritual, unless Im missing something.
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  4. 420greg

    420greg New Member

    Looked mostly trance/ambient/downtempo chiilout music to me.

    But it has potential once it gets organized better.
  5. agree with the above. would be nice to be able to add our own stations too. this seems almost like a 'proof of concept' type progy, but it has potential.

    there is an update with volume and on/off switch. i don't know what the switch does yet...
  6. 420greg

    420greg New Member

    You can listen to stations of your choice by using orb.

    I use it for a few internet radio streams, XM and Sirius.
  7. coinstar99

    coinstar99 Member

    This app could in the log run give us access to XM or Sirius streams right on the device without the need for ORB. Each service uses a WMA streaming method that works just fine on a Windows Mobile device, whats to stop a determined developer from putting that into this app. You would still have to have a valid user name and password, but why not? Windows Mobile even has third party software that will take the place of Windows Media Player and play those streams, apps like TCPMP. So anything is possible, I for one think this is a great step forward, even though the selection is limited right now. What's to say that in the futre we don't see XM or Sirius streams, or Shoutcast. I would have to give the developer kudos for an awesome first shot, and look forward to what we are going to see down the pipe.
  8. Morval

    Morval New Member

    for some reason if i hit the home button b4 i hit quit it freezes my iPhone. I can still hear music but there is no reaction from any buttons and I have to turn the phone off. Anyone no why this is happening?
  9. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    just give me pandora... that's all i want.
  10. skiz420

    skiz420 New Member

    it needs a catagories secton... the one list is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to long... thats prob what is causing the freezeing and crashing .... but it is a very beta program... AWESOME start tho... hope they expand on this... it could be one of the best apps overall if properly updated
  11. JewelDiamond

    JewelDiamond New Member

    Great app and I love the music... I agree that they need to add some rock and other styles, and sub categories, all together this is a fun app to me!
  12. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker New Member

    Do you notice that it burns though your battery like normal internet use?

  13. nismo-gtr

    nismo-gtr New Member

    it was great until it freezes... i had to do a manual reboot
  14. A big update today with genres and more. This is really coming along...
  15. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh New Member

    what about a 'favorites' feature, where you can store your favorite stations at the front page
  16. kian

    kian New Member

    The "Player" and "Settings" buttons give black screens. Is this the case for everyone else? I can't turn the volume up because of this...
  17. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    yes unless I'm nuts there used to be a volume control.

    Without volume adjustment the volume is too low for me (I don't usually use headphones with iRadio).

    Also, most all of the talk stations sounds like The Chipmunks: sped-up speech (and ultra-low volume).

  18. Could somebody post a screenshot please? :)
  19. iPaul

    iPaul New Member


    lol j/k, but yeah I do... can't play high bit rate stations on EDGE, and the low bps ones wont auto convert...

    Love this app, just needs a bit more work. Here's hoping...
  20. nobbie

    nobbie New Member

    This is an awesome app. Just need to get the wrinkles, like volume control and faves, ironed out. I'm uninstalling for now.
  21. coolie

    coolie New Member

    I think this app is pretty good. The one thing i hate is that when you're listening to a station, you plug in the headphone and it stopped working.

    It is not working for me anymore. Are any of you experiencing the same thing as me?

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