iRealQuickSMS 1.0 aka iRealLITE


Mar 28, 2008
El Paso TX
RealQuickSMS also known as iRealLITE is NOW AVAILABLE!

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For those of you who don't know anything about this new iReal product, it is not a full SMS application like iRealSMS. It is made to fill a gap, for those people who just love the reliability and speed of the native Apple SMS app and just want the convince of iRealSMS' amazing QuickReply and QuickSMS features!

For those of you living under a rock, whom may be wondering... what is QuickReply and what is QuickSMS?
QuickReply is a special plugin that allows you to reply to a new SMS right from the onscreen popup, so you do not have to exit your current application to do so! This also gives you the option to CALL the contact instead of reply via the CALL button. It also lets you know how many total message you have waiting via a ghost image within the text field. As you can see from the pic, there are a total of 6 SMS message. Now you can either answer these or close these one by one... but if you don't have time to do so, don't worry... you can easily press the HOME key on the phone and it will CLOSE ALL the messages and keep them marked as UNREAD so you know exactly which messages still need your attention!

QuickSMS is also a special plugin that allows you to compose a new text message to anyone from any application! This also doubles as a QuickCall feature, which utilizes your contact list in conjunction with its predictive text filter to narrow down your contact list as you type. So you no longer have the need to really enter the Phone or Text app in most cases!

This app is compatible with the native Apple SMS app Here are some teaser pics of all options and settings! The pics are pretty self explanatory as to the functions available.
This is the main menu:

The QuickSMS settings allows users to choose between two different hotkeys!(yes we have been listening to you) ;)

Well there you have it!

!NOTE: Please make sure to activate before use!
If you don't have it activated it will send the demo message.
Activation will only take place in the iRealQuickSMS settings application.

!NOTE: For users of iRealSMS 2.0+ : (your activation code from iRealSMS will not work with iRealQuickSMS. To retrieve your license
1) install iRealQuickSMS.
2) Launch the iRealQuickSMS settings app.
3) Hit Activate.
4) Enter your paypal email and it will download your license.

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Feb 28, 2008
is the option to set the double home tap for quickSMS in the full version of iRealSMS yet?