Is it me, or is the Apple-designed Apple 5C case hideous?


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
I actually liked the 5c case....
See, I don't wanna agree here in fear of being called an......

.....I don't even know what that is.

I saw one of these cases up close today on an iPhone 5c and it was actually captivating on first sight. My co-worker had a Green 5c with the yellow case on it. It was in the ladies room when I went in there and it was quiet in there, I didn't touch the iPhone and I yelled out "Anyone here? U shouldn't leave your brand new iPhone on the counter unattended." She said I'm here, "I didn't want to drop it in the toilet."

She came out and we were talking about her iPhone 5c. I got to hold it with this case on and it just looked and actually felt so nice. If you get to hold it and see it up close, maybe you would change your mind about it. It felt good and her color combination looked good.

The circles, I think I understand (don't agree with) because of the circular theme of iOS 7. I thought when I saw the circles that's what Apple was going for. A few Apps have adapted this circular theme as well. Instagram, Twitter, maybe Facebook? (I wouldn't know about that as I don't facebook.)

Not to mention, of course, showing the contrasting color of the iPhone 5c and the case through the holes. I'm gritting my teeth here. Some people hate it, some people love it. It's not a home run. In theory it could have been a good idea to Apple, in practice, it looks nice to some and hideous to others. I understand both sides.

iPhone 5C -- six months later...

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I know I'd get tired of this case with those circles and if it left marks on my iPhone I just would pass on it all together.

I think what I like most about the case is the way it felt on the iPhone 5c. It felt a little more substantial than other rubber, silicone or TPU cases. Maybe that was how it would feel over the hard plastic backed with metal of the iPhone 5c.

If Apple made a case of this material for the iPhone 5s without the circles, I might pick one or two or all the colors up.
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