Is it possible to change your number?


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Aug 1, 2007
I used to have a PCMCIA data card and 3G chip from Cingular AND ALSO a normal phone (and SIM card). I set up my iPhone using the number on my data card. Since then I have been totally pleased with the iPhone and haven't had a need to use a data card.

But my other number is my primary phone number and now, because the iPhone is so great, it has become my primary device. So I'd like to cancel my iPhone number and consolidate my iPhone plan (including the International data roaming plan) onto my original phone.

I'm in Europe and just spent 14 minutes talking with AT&T. The result was that they could cancel my iPhone number but aren't sure that the SIM card will take a new number. It's not burned into the SIM card, is it? Nevertheless I'm procrastinating because I won't be back in the US for two months and, in case they're right, I don't want to lose my iPhone service.

Also I'm worried about cancellation charges (which I'm not really doing -- I'm just changing the number).

Has anyone any suggestions or experiences doing this?

I would appreciate any and all leads.


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Jul 28, 2007
yes you shouldn't have any problem call att's porting department they should take care of all number problems


if not the other att number is