is it the screen or there something else?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by denzzz28, Nov 30, 2011.

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    hi! I dropped my iPhone 4 in basin of water and i didn't realized it until 10-15secs and then i got it out and immediately unscrew the back cover and took the battery out (all this in about 3-5mins). i took a towel and try to dry dried the phone as much as I can then left it over the radiator (in full power) for about 3-4 hours. when I came back it was really warm and absolutely dry so i put the battery back and started the phone.

    now the problem is the screen. it is powering up but it takes a while for the screen to totally lit up but aside from that everything else is absolutely fine. this phone has had its share of unfortunate events. it fell twice whilst i was on my bike (the 2nd time the screen didn't survive but I've replaced it already) and now this happened.

    here is the video:

    my question now is, is it just the screen that i need to replace or is there something else wrong with the phone? the last thing I want is to buy a new screen and then realized that there's a problem with the main board.

    any help will be appreciated. thanks!
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    Ouch! Water is evil! You can spend up to $100 to replace the LCD or for $199 Apple will replace it with another.

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    even though it may appear dry, my guess is there's still a bunch of moisture in it causing problems. I'd turn it off, and put it in a ziplock bag of uncooked rice for at least a few days, preferably in a sunny window.
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