Is Jobs holding out on us?


Jun 7, 2007
You know, I have a new idea about a lawsuit. I know I know. I’m sorry... Not another lawsuit thread, but hear me out. This one’s different.

What if Apple was holding back some great enhancements (Copy/Paste, flash, MMS, A2DP, drag&drop from your computer, etc. - pick your favorite wishlist item.) for ammunition against the hackers? What if Jobs holds off issuing these items because he wants to wait for the hackers to hack the phone to death over and over again so Apple can close up as many holes as possible before he gives us these enhancements. Then, once the iPhone’s secure… after Apple issues an update that the hackers can’t break into, the following update includes a slew of fantastic and incredible updates. The people that have modified their phones can’t get these new features because their phone will become bricked. And people who haven’t modded their phones yet will have to choose whether or not to have a hacked/modded unwarrantied iPhone or to have a warrantied iPhone with some great new features that might not be available to the modded phones but won’t have other features such as true custom ringtones.

Great idea Jobs, But Apple’s loyal following (who don’t want to modify their iPhones) would currently be suffering the retribution alongside the hackers. Would the discovery of this be grounds for a lawsuit? I’m guessing not since the Law can’t tell Apple when to release their updates, but if light was shed on some proof that Apple did this, it sure would make Apple look bad. I’m sure everyone reading this would be quite upset if they knew that they could have had copy/paste and MMS 2 months ago and Steve Jobs was just holding off giving it to us until the hackers went away.

Maybe I’m being a bit presumptive that the iPhone will one day be nearly unhackable, but what if, huh? And even if it’s not ever truly going to be unhackable, maybe Jobs is being optimistic and thinks it will be, so he’s holding off giving the updates anyway! I wouldn’t put it past him. I don’t know him like many of the fanboys do, but from my understanding Steve is treating things differently with the iPhone, so maybe the fanboys’ knowledge about what Steve is willing to do isn’t quite right either.


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Jul 6, 2007
We can only speculate the reasons why some features have, to date, not been enabled (like c/p, file management, serial bt, etc.), but i have little doubt they are already workable. Some things, like Adobe Flash implementation, could conceivably be more complicated being 3rd party sourced. Still, it's time to pee or get off the pot. Apple either needs to tell us what to expect - or what NOT to expect so we can all stop awaiting each update like caged animals waiting for our next meal. Enough with all the mystery - frankly it's getting more than a little irritating.

As far as a lawsuit, I guess anyone can file a suit for nearly anything. I doubt there would be any sort of settlement awarded, though. Apple has kept the loopholes in their user agreement pretty tightly closed.


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Jun 20, 2007
Apple either needs to tell us what to expect - or what NOT to expect so we can all stop awaiting each update like caged animals waiting for our next meal. Enough with all the mystery - frankly it's getting more than a little irritating.
Yeh, right, that's gonna happen.



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Sep 8, 2007
Sunny Florida
lol! That is funny. I am laughing my arse off!

I think the real conspiracy is Apple spending all their efforts on making things that make them more money. Wifi iTunes, for example. Do we really need wifi iTunes? No, but Apple wants more money that we will spend when we are bored since we have no 3rd pary apps to play with. Or somthing like that. I have to get out of this thread since I am getting all negative about my iPhone.
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Oct 13, 2007
miami, fl
ok, they've made mistakes with the ipone. not talking technical here, more the bad PR decisions(bricks, price-drop, i.e.). BUT they know what they're doing. latest numbers say 6% us pc market share, and 70% digital music player market share. everyone wants to bite the Apple and the hackers are the first ones in line, so if Apple needs to play hard ball and protect their product so be it. the rules (terms) of the game were in plain english, black and white text, on the contract, receipt and even the damn bag this baby come home in. and of course they want to make money with wifi/iTunes, it's the american way.

besides i still love this thing, even with the crappy web apps. :p


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Jul 4, 2007
well wrap my head in tin foil and oswald acted alone. The are 100% percent holding out. They are rationing updates . Now that they have found away around 1.1.1 Apple is gonna pull out 2.0 with ichat or something of that nature. Plus the fact that people have gone to sure great lengths to figure out how to mod there phones with new icons or put nintendo games one there phone. This screams money! hell i paid for 3 ringtones so far.

With out a doubt by christmas we are gonna have new exciting apps that may or may not cost us. i'm leaning towards iTunes downloadable apps/games Hopefully


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Jul 21, 2007
Charleston aka Chucktown, SC
probably so .. but it'll be outrageous if we have to pay to get IM or MMS functionality on the phone. sadly most of us will if it shows up in iTunes to buy.


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Aug 15, 2007
When will the Apples of the world realize that ALL software/hardware is "hackable". It's just a matter of time.