Is my phone unlocked?

Discussion in 'iPhone 6S' started by bballrob, Mar 2, 2016.

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    How do I know if my iPhone 6S is unlocked or not? I think I read something awhile ago stating AT&T would unlock phones purchased on the NEXT plan, which I did, but I can't remember if I ever did it. Is there a way to check?

    And if not, is there a way to expedite this process? I NEED to port my service to a new carrier TODAY if at all possible.
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    The unlock process requires restoring the phone in iTunes. Since the unlock is permanent, you'll see this message after each restore.

    Placing a T-Mobile or alternate local GSM SIM card in it and checking if it has service is will also verify the unlock.

    You can also verify the unlock status here.

    FYI. You don't need to actually port your number to a new carrier if you just want to use it temporarily while on vacation. Porting your phone number to another carrier would cancel your AT&T account and create a new account with the new carrier. You can simply put a prepaid SIM card in your unlocked iPhone and use their service temporarily without it affecting your AT&T account. The only downside to this is that you'll have limited minutes and data and a different phone number from your AT&T account. You could forward your calls to the new temporary number.

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