Is Siri getting dumber?


Jan 20, 2008
When it first came out, I couldn't sing it's virtues enough. It was great; I had very rarely experienced difficulty in getting Siri to do exactly as I asked. But lately, it's getting whacky. Example: "Remind me to put the platter into the oven at 6:00 PM" gets transcribed as "Put Clara into the oven at 6:00 PM". Try again, it gives me: "Put Schlatter into the oven at 6:00 PM". Once more: "Put Hannah into the oven at 6:00 PM". There was one or two more before I gave up and typed it in manually.

Has Siri gone cannibal?


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
This has happened to me before and I chalked it up to my speech pattern. I had a cold and while I thought I was speaking clearly enough, it turns out i wasn't. I waited and restated my question and she got it the fifth time after I waited about two minutes.

I thought something was happening with the program as well, but I have to remember to speak clearly. It is true that she is fallible so it could have been her bad and my bad. I know in the morning my voice is crappy so I never bother with her then.

But you could be having an issue with Siri. Call Apple, and open a case if she's messing up consistently. I would. In fact, I wanted to, but whew I found it to be my bad, I didn't call. But you probably should if it is the program messing up.
Jun 16, 2008
Tinley Park, IL
My thoughts are that since all these iPhone 4 and 3GS' are running Siri though jailbreaking, it's hurting Siri's servers. I don't have any proof, but Siri has performed like crap for me since tweaks like spire have been released.