Is the Key Repeat screen under Accessibility extraneous?


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
If one goes into Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard > Key Repeat, one will find this screen (emphasis and arrow mine):


However, a single key press (including holding down the key) does not result in characters being entered multiple times. Key repeat does not occur on iOS.

What does happen when one holds down a key is that related characters (i.e., the same letter with different diacritical marks) are shown (image courtesy iMore):


Therefore, I'm questioning the reason for the Key Repeat screen's presence. As far as I'm aware, on iOS, the only key that repeats when held down is the delete/backspace key. Some characters one might want to repeat, like a hyphen, asterisk, or period do not repeat when the key is pressed and held down, whereas on OS X they actually do repeat—one is able to type a row of asterisks simply by holding down the asterisk key, which isn't possible on iOS.

The fact that the Key Repeat screen reads "to prevent characters entered multiple times…" suggests that one might somehow be able to get keys to repeat when held down, instead of what normally happens, as stated above. Is there a way to get other keys besides the delete/backspace key to repeat, or is this Key Repeat screen extraneous?

To rephrase, I'm saying that this setting only affects the delete/backspace key, so why have it there in the first place?