Is there an app to hide pics and videos

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by uarefunnytome, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. uarefunnytome

    uarefunnytome New Member

    I am looking for an application that would allow me to hide pictures and videos in the iPhone preferably behind a password..... If there is one please let me know...and please spare me the morality statements....If there is one thing I know is that moral people are ususally hiding behind their morality and are far worse than me...
  2. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    None that I know of on a stock phone. Don't know about one that is jailbroke but haven't heard of any.
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  4. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    There is a program for jailbroken phones only but I forgot what it's called. It hides them behind the calculator.
  5. Witness

    Witness Zealot

    hidepod or hidecopy or something
  6. SmartAlx

    SmartAlx Zealot

    Hidepod's not ported for 2.0 yet. I'm waiting for it.
  7. Test-Pilot

    Test-Pilot Member

    Picvault in the Apps Store
  8. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    Does anyone know if PicVault simply password protects itself (the PicVault application), which is used to view the protected photographs?

    If so, then there would seem to be a back door to the "protected" photos if someone were to use SSH to get to the file system.

    On the other hand, if PicVault would encrypt the photographs, this would be a much stronger method of protecting those items.

    I've sent the author of PicVault an email to ask this, but he has not responded.

  9. OJsakila

    OJsakila New Member

    Program in Cdia that gives you TWO photo for regular pics and one for your xxx pics
  10. Mercedes4oil

    Mercedes4oil New Member

    Is there any followup on this app?
  11. myphonluvr

    myphonluvr New Member

  12. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Ok the question was how to hide vids not pics. Is there something out like this yet working on 3GS? Thx
  13. duvi

    duvi New Member

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for:

    Video Safe
  14. rickymrtn93

    rickymrtn93 New Member

    I don't think there is any application like that. If there is, then it is not free yet. I am also looking to hide pictures and videos from my iPhone but can't do that. I had to shift those files in my PC and then hide them. This is really a waste of time.
  15. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Air Sharing lets you store pics, videos, documents, etc. and you can password protect access to the app. I use it, it's cool and I think it's free or at least very cheap.
  16. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    What I don't like about Air Sharing is that it doesn't encrypt the data--it just has an application-level password. That's like locking the front door, but the garage door and back doors are wide open.
  17. duvi

    duvi New Member

    Application level passwords are enough... if your device is stolen, I'm sure they're not attempting to decrypt the password for the pics. They will most like format it and use it or sell.

    Most just want it for those that may want to use their device for two minutes and don't want snooping eyes. First thing people go into is photos and messages. If you're looking for hacker type encryption, not sure if that will ever come out -- at least not in the near future.
  18. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    I agree--there aren't any apps specific to photos/videos that encrypt data (that I know of).

    However, I use eWallet to store other secrets (pwds, PINs, credit card info, etc). It encrypts all the data and sync's with your desktop, where it is also encrypted there. There is a desktop companion app that you can get. The desktop version makes it easier to initially enter all your data. I've been using eWallet for almost a year now and it has been flawless.
  19. cindra

    cindra Member

    +1 VideoSafe
  20. Griffinaz

    Griffinaz Zealot

    If you are looking for a means to password protect your photo gallery and the video portion of the iPod program I cannot help but if you are looking for a place on the phone to store images, video or even files and do not want it viewable by someone playing on the phone then there is a program on the app store called "Files". It cost $4.99 but it allows a 4 digit password to get into the program and once the program launches it shows you the list of the files you placed in its document folder (accessible through wifi from your home network, or through Total Commander if your jailbroken). The program has built in viewers for the most common documents, images, video, pdf, .doc, etc..
    The program works on both jailbroken and stock phones with the only difference being that on a jailbroken phone you can manually place documents in the folder through USB where the stock phone you have to be in a wifi area and "upload" the documents through a mapped drive (full instructions are included with the program).
    I believe there is a lite version of the program (used to be anyway) but the lite version is limited to like 200MB of documents and does not have the option for the password but well worth checking out.
  21. chinawhite415

    chinawhite415 New Member

    hide pix and video

    Found a pretty cool free app that allows you to hide pix and video in a fake calc app. its called spycalc. they have a website its free so why not right.

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