Is there an app to show what programs are running in background?

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by danbrumit, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. danbrumit

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    I would like to know what apps are taking the most memory to run. Especially the gps location apps. When you close a app and it goes to the multitask list, how do i know if it is closed down or running in the background (within the multitask menu). Is there a app that will close all programs from the multitask menu. without using a jail break app?

    Thanks everyone
  2. Europa

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    Unfortunately, there isn't a stock app for that. If you decide to jailbreak, check out SwitcherMod and Remove Background.
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  4. danbrumit

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    Thank you

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  5. Redneck1996

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    Although it isn't that great, there actually is a stock app for this. It's called System. If you aren't Jailbroken, it's your best bet.
  6. jmp316

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  7. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    It might seem like it's similar, but it actually doesn't do either of the things the OP wants. It doesn't plug into the task switcher and allow you to see what apps are running (or frozen, to be more accurate) and which are not running and will require a full restart of the app. And it doesn't allow you to simultaneously close all apps in the task switcher. You have to jailbreak for these functions.

    SwitcherMod (Cydia)plugs into the stock task switcher and adds these features:

    * Drag to re-order multitasking priority
    * Show close buttons always by default
    * Show inactive apps as transparent or hide them (remove recents)
    * Include the current active app
    * Drag up-and-away to close easily

    As you can see in the screenshot below, Cydia, Notes, and WinterBoard are not running/frozen. This is indicated by the subdued icons. The phone app is active and not subdued.


    The remove Background SBSettings toggle will kill all processes.


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