Is This a Case For the 5.5" iPhone 6?

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
This huge case has surfaced on the web and looks to be designed for the rumored 5.5" iPhone 6. It's a little longer and wider than a case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, though it seems somewhat thinner.

Here is a partial Google translation from the French blog that posted the news:

"While others continue to stream photos and videos comparative models of the iPhone 6 4.7 inches, I myself have decided to go in search of new information about the model 5.5 inches. As so often is with a prop I got new details.

Thus, and assuming that the information on which this provider designed its protective cases are faithful to reality, the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air identified in this case under the name iPhone 6s would measure 157mm long and 81mm in wide with a thickness of 7mm."