Is UMTS really faster than EDGE?


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Nov 17, 2007
There is much discussion about the speed of EDGE compared with UMTS here in Europe.

On this website you can find a video comparing the speed of EDGE against UMTS in real life.

The text is in german, but the video is clear enough to understand.


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Sep 30, 2007
Don't forget that network speed is only one factor affecting performance. Data processing speed, render speed, all come into play. Even two handsets using EDGE (and having the same radio class) will show vastly differing results. A slow web client connected to a fast pipe will throttle the effective speed down.

A good example is my Palm Treo 680. Even though both it and the iPhone are Class 10 EDGE radios, the iPhone handily beats the Treo in almost all network performance specs because the data processing and render speed on the Treo are so poor.

UMTS is way faster than EDGE. But can the device "drink from the firehose" to deliver that speed to the end user?