iSkin Revo or Agent 18

iSkin or Agent 18

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Jul 27, 2007
I would like all of your opinions. Which case is better? The iSkin or the Agent 18?


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Jul 3, 2007
Salinas, Ca
dammm... i don't know... i have both and i switch like every other day... i use them for different things.. i like that the iskin covers the headphone jack and i like how thin the Agent 18 is... there are good and bad things about both... another example is that i use my iskin when im waring shorts because the ruber sticks to the clothing more and i use the Agent 18 when i ware jeans because it does not stick to my jeans [like the rubber from the iskin does] and i can acces it easier... i think that they are both really good cases [that is why i have both, hahaha]

if you are just wondering then i like both...

if you are doing this to help make a decision...well sorry i disnt make it easier, but good luck
I think it depends on wat your looking for in a case... I have the iskin... But I use it wen I'm out excersing or at work since it has grip and is more sturdy... I don't have to worry if I accidentally drop it and I don't have to worry bout the screen because of the little visor that comes with it... However it does tend to catch lint and it is a bit on the bulky side... I don't have the agent18 but it seems like a nice case if your looking for one to protect the iPhone for casual use or a businesss person... Ya know... Like just so u can have a case to protect your phone, I'd get the agent 18 but if u want something sturdy and with grip I'd get the iskin...


Sep 10, 2007
i'm a fan of iskin products, but i decided against the revo for two reasons: (1) i keep my phone in my pocket, so the stickiness would make it difficult to put in/take out of my pocket, and (2) it looked to me that around the edges of the screen the case might inhibit touch access and/or flip over/out due to its soft composition.

so i opted forth more sturdy, sleek, and (in my opinion) less inhibitive agent18 along with a crystal film to protect the sceen. they have both been great.