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Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by Kellybelly078, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Kellybelly078

    Kellybelly078 New Member

    Hi everyone! First time poster, long time reader here. Just got my lifeproof case yesterday! I was very excited when it arrived, went through all the steps and videos to test and install the new case on my iPhone 4. Worked flawlessly as far as keeping the water and dirt out! My one issue, and it is a major one, is absolutely nobody can hear me when I place calls! They say it sounds as though I am in an echoing tunnel. I am wondering if those of you who have received your cases already have had this issue? I want to be sure it isn't operator error when I installed my case. I have already emailed lifeproof support, but haven't heard anything back as of yet. Any input you may have, would be greatly appreciated! 
  2. Bennyboy

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  4. Msquare54

    Msquare54 Member

    Bummer Kelly! I haven't received my case yet, but I am growing more skeptical about LifeProof every day!

    I do remember Otterbox having similar issues to what you are having. It was the first release of the Defender case for the 3GS. I had one and it worked fine on my end when making calls, but to those receiving calls, echo chamber!

    OB immediate solution was to remove the membrane covering the speaker and microphone! They fixed it in later releases.

    Anyways, I'll be watching this thread closely! I'm another step closer to hitting the delete button on LifeProof.

    Good luck!
  5. Could it be?!?!




    :D :D :D
  6. jeffw78

    jeffw78 New Member

    Hilarious! I hate to say it, but after all the hype...
  7. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    No problems with mine or my wife's.
  8. mrbunglez

    mrbunglez Contributor

    Call them they have a contact # on their website.

    Mine works perfectly my wife says i sound like my same annoying self.
  9. Kellybelly078

    Kellybelly078 New Member

    Thank you very much for the replies! I received a response from lifeproof today. This is what they had to say about the problem...

    THE TUNNEL / MICROPHONE FIX! – We found the cause of the ‘tunnel / distant’ sounding voice where callers to affected LifeProof iPhones (a small percentage) had difficulty hearing the Lifeproof talker on regular phone calls – We finally caught the issue in the field thanks to some Lifeproof owners with the issue that scheduled calls with us so we can hear it. We have also tested the fix and it works 100%, both for the users, and in the lab when we recreated the same conditions. The CAUSE is very simple, and so is the FIX:- The microphone has a special thin Goretex vent that keeps the water out but allows sounds to pass. This normally works perfectly and allows crystal clear calls. However, with some cases, when the air trapped in the case causes a positive pressure, the vent is puffed outwards by air pressure a little and stretches out to touch the little protective grills (Keeps foreign objects from damaging the sensitive vent) in the bottom of the case. Sometimes the vent then rests against these grills after being stretched to that position and then cannot vibrate correctly to transmit the sound to the iPhone microphone – causing a distant, thin, tunnelish kind of voice to be heard on the other end of a call.
    NOW FOR THE SIMPLE FIX: Look at the phone front-on as you would when you are about to start an app. The microphone port is the hole on the bottom of the case to the lower left of the home button and left of the charge port. Now for the fun part (Should take no longer than 3 seconds). *** Blow hard into the microphone ***. You could do it like you are blowing a candle out, or much better still you could seal your lips over the hole and blow firmly like you are blowing a balloon up – your choice. Don’t worry about blowing too hard with your lungs, but do not use compressed air. This air pressure will push the Goretex vent away from the protective grills and liberate your iPhone to crystal clear sound on video recording and phone calls again. You may (or may not) need to do this from time to time if large air pressure changes cause the vent to flex to stick to the protective grill again. Also, remember to always thoroughly shake water out of the vent area after being submerged because trapped water in the protective grill will also attenuate the sound. Happy LifeProofing!
    Kind Regards,
    Anthony S
    LifeSupport Team
  10. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    its just an issue with the material that keeps the water out....i just blow into the mic and speaker holes as directed above(like a balloon)...fixes it every time
  11. GADeputy

    GADeputy Member

    Just to let everyone know, LifeProof has recently made improvements on their cases that fix the echoing effect that some people were having during phone calls. If you're having these problems all you need to do is contact or call them and they will send you a brand new case front that has the improvements included.
  12. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    and be advised that they have changed the desigh a little....adding to little bumps on both sides of the volume and mute toggle....i do not like it and now stuck with original case that doesnt lye flat on the screenj

    there cust service has been pretty good ....ill try to get an original one
  13. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    I just received a complete brand new one yesterday. I ordered it as a bd present for a relative. I'll have to check it out and see if anything is different than my updated case. I have an original front and an updated front. Guess it's nice having a spare in case one gets damaged.
  14. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    crazy...mine came yesterday and was an update one with the bumps
  15. wherwel

    wherwel New Member

    i encounter the same problem.
  16. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    Now they offer gen one and gen you get to choose,and there rep said I didn't have a choice when I tried to get a replacement,so sent the gen two back.

    101 on da phone
  17. superpilot

    superpilot New Member

    If lifeproof ever gets back to me, do you think they would send me an updated case where the screen protector sits flush with the screen
  18. Paul Mason

    Paul Mason New Member

    same exact problem I was having plus getting ECHOS when I put on speaker.
  19. hassiman

    hassiman New Member

    Hi, I have had a LifeProof Case V2 for my 4s for a month now and I LOVE it. Used it in the rain etc. Just came back from a long trip to NYC and it preformed flawlessly. I am lucky as the LifeProof headquarters is located only 3 blocks from my office and I dropped by and talked with the Aussied bloke who is the CEO. He explained how the case worked and even tested mine in a special water pressure test vessel. They are just ramping up for customer service and adding new accessories. They were a pleasure to deal with. This is the best case I have ever used... period. I DO have a screen protector on my 4s to avoid moire patterns and it does not seem to have compromised the integrity of the case. Never had and problems with echos or people complaining about the reception from my phone... GREAT product.
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  20. jeffw78

    jeffw78 New Member

    I have to admit, I was skeptical and poked fun at the cases at first. Now that I actually have one. I don't plan on removing it.
  21. moberg003

    moberg003 New Member

    What kind of screen protector do you have on your phone? I have a invisishield on my 4s and I left it on and put the lifeproof on but it sticks too much to the screen of the case.

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