Issues with SMTP for IMAP

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New Member
Jul 11, 2007
Alright I have a newbie type question but I am extremely frustrated that I can't get it to work properly or at least the way that I want it to. I am trying to setup IMAP on my iPhone from an exchange server at work. I am able to receive all my folders and emails but to be able to send emails I have to have a separate SMTP server. In this case I used my gmail account. All is good and I am able to send messages from this IMAP account however when they receive the email it obviously comes from my gmail account instead of my IMAP account. I guess my question is; is there a way to not use gmail and corretly send emails from that IMAP account? Maybe a way also to still use GMAIL but when they reply it will go to the correct account. I would hope other people are having this issue. I just changed from my Blackberry 8800 today to the iPhone. I was use to everything working without problems... Any Ideas


New Member
Jun 26, 2007
SMTP is a POP email account setting. I'm pretty sure you don't need that for an IMAP email setup. Though the Yahoo one probably defaults. For any other, you shouldn't need that though.