It balms my hide.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by acosmichippo, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    Was thinking today, before the long weekend, of things that really give me satisfaction. Make my blood pressure instantly fall, even if just a little bit. So let's hear em. What balms your hide?

    It balms my hide when you get down to the bottom of a cereal box, and the amount of cereal left is exactly enough for one bowl.

    It also balms my hide when I see drivers in oncoming traffic having intensely animated conversations, complete with gesticulations and weird facial expressions.
  2. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    Speaking of driving, it balms my hide when I let someone pass or overtake me and they gesture thank you with their hands.

    It also balms my hide when I get good grades in exams I thought I was going to fail.
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  4. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    It balms my hide when someone actually says thank you when I've held the door open for them.
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  5. CanadianNemo

    CanadianNemo Genius

    On that note, it balms my hide when people hold the door for the person behind them for an extra second. It also balms my hide when I see people get out of their bus seats for - or rush over to help - elderly or disabled people, pregant women or new moms.
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  6. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    It balms my hide when I hold the door for the old lady at the bank and she tells me " thank you young man"

    ( but then she goes in front of me and takes my spot and now I have to wait 20 for a lame deposit )
  7. Rugaby

    Rugaby Genius

    It balms hide when I can go through a day and not have anything that chaps my hide.
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  8. katelynneemma

    katelynneemma Evangelist

    It balms my hide when I'm having a bad day and log In to threads like this that make me chuckle.
  9. FlwrPwer

    FlwrPwer Evangelist

    it balms my hide when I hear "Here Comes the Sun" on the radio.
  10. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    It balms my hide when I get into 4/5 hour, and on.
  11. CanadianNemo

    CanadianNemo Genius

    It balms my hide when my clients tell me they passed out my card to their co-workers and told them "I have the BEST lawyer ever, you need to go see her!" :D
  12. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    It balms my hide when my 8 year old daughter likes the same songs that I do. I think that stuff about playing lots of your music to the bump in Mom's tummy works out. She likes Texas, Macy Gray, Counting Crows, Train, and tons of stuff that we like.
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  13. Rugaby

    Rugaby Genius

    When I turn I'm the tv in the morning and it is already on the channel I want. :)
  14. Chex

    Chex Member

    Thinking of my family...

    Reading tech or a good book....

    When a new package arrives with hardware.

    Playing Video Games

    Listening to old songs from when I was a kid.
  15. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    When I get an email from my employer saying that the Christmas bonuses were approved.
  16. JWiPhone

    JWiPhone Evangelist

    When Siri tells me 'thank you'.
  17. When i roll down an extra serving of paper towels in a public restroom for the person after me, then i see them doing the same.
  18. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    you watch the person after you?
  19. *creepy smile*
  20. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

  21. Rugaby

    Rugaby Genius

    Loyal pets. :)

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