It's Official - All Mac


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Jul 2, 2007
I had recently bought a Mac Pro and was holding off setting it up until my home-office remodeling was done... but, lucky me, today my main PC decided to crash... BIGTIME. Thank god for good backups.

So I gutted the PC (took out the hard drives), plopped them into the Mac Pro and got started moving everything over. So far it's been fairly painless.

And now it's official... other than one lowly PC Laptop my husband uses, we are entirely Mac-Based in my house now. I'm sure I'll run into some glitches for a while until I get all the solutions figured out... but I'm excited! I love the Mac platform and am anxious to use it day-in and day-out for work.

Wish me luck ;)


Enjoy! After using a Mac, you wonder why you didn't try one sooner. As soon as I can get a second MacBook Pro, no more windows laptops for me.

Since the second week of July, that's when I got got my MBP, I have only had one browser crash. I can't tell you how many times IE has crashed on my XP Laptops during that same time.

This computer has been one of the best I have ever owned!

It's true when they say Macs just work.

I bought my MacBook Pro a week after I bought the iPhone. If it wasn't for the iPhone, I probably would have still been using the XP laptops and not bought a Mac anytime soon.


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Sep 4, 2007
Congrats! I've been all Mac since 1995. I'm forced to use a PC at work and proof is in the puddin'. Seeing the Apple grow and attract the "switchers" has been fun to watch. It's great to see new users learn what a lot of us have been experiencing for a long time.

Best of luck and most of all have fun!


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Aug 11, 2007
Good for you. We're all Mac based here too. Main computer is a MacMini, 3 of us have our own MacBookPros, we all have iPods, and of course there's my iPhone. Still pleased here.