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Jun 7, 2014
I'm using iTunes

Yesterday I purchased 2 iPad Air - one for my wife and one for me.
We have each previously used iPad2's. Thus the 2 iPad Air's are replacing the 2 iPad2's.
We each have our own apple-ID. We have had the accounts for years.

When backing-up I use my Pc and iTunes. Ofcourse we each have our own separate back-up.

I have just restored my wifes latest iPad2 backup (made two days ago) to her iPad Air, and my latest iPad2 backup (made 6 month ago) to my iPad Air.

For some unknown reason the number of apps restored to my iPad Air was only about half the number of apps I had/have on my iPad2.


To investigate I opened my apple-ID account in iTunes and had a good look at all the purcheses etc. I have made since 2009. The list shown is long and contains all apps.

So this didn't bring me any closer to a solution.

Still signed-in in iTunes, I went to "Library" mode. I opened "Apps" from the drop-down menu on the far upper left side, and I clicked on "All". Here I can only see a fraction of the apps, that I can see in my apple-ID account.


Furthermore, when I left click on one of the apps and choose "Show Info", it showed that the app was purchased by my wife, which is absolutely ridiculos. I left click on more or less all the rest of the apps shown. The Info shown was the samme in all apps. They were apparentely all purchased using my wifes apple-ID. None were purchased using my apple-ID. Once again this is absolutely ridiculos and very far from the truth.


I must admit that this rather confused me.

To further investigate I disconnected my iPad Air from my Pc and logged out of my apple-ID account.

I then connected my wifes iPad Air to my Pc. When iTunes opened I logged into my wifes apple-ID account. In "Library" mode I once again chose "apps" from the drop-down menu and clicked on "All".

To my amazement the apps shown were exactly the same as the ones shown, when I was logged-in using my apple-ID.


Now I really confused. What am I doing wrong?


Oct 29, 2013
Florence, AL
Welcome to iCafe. My wife and I share the same iTunes Apple ID, so I'm not familiar with how your accounts are set up. But someone will help you soon.


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Jun 7, 2014
Welcome to the forums. I suspect it's an issue with Apple IDs but that is just a guess.
Thanks Silvermoon,

You may very well be right, but unfortunately I have absolutely no idea of wherein the problems lie.

One thing, though, has crossed my mind. Our apple-IDs are quite old, and we have changed PC's a couple of times.

I now have 2 "entities" in iTunes Cloud - my iPhone 5 and my Pc. Those I can see in my account.
I now have 4 "entities" in "Computer approved" in my apple-ID. For some to me unknown reason I can't see which 4 entities.

Beats me why Apple won't let me see "approved computers" and administer them.

I'm only certain of 2 of the 4 computers, but I'm afraid to delete them all and start all over again, as I fear I shall fall under the 90 days curfew. Which by the way is a feature, I also don't understand.

Could it be, that I have done something wrong when restoring to my iPad Air i.e. restoring data from an ancient, but still approved computer?