iTunes 7.6 Will Not Close

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by smeister, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. smeister

    smeister New Member

    iTunes 7.6 will not close when I click the exit icon or select Exit from the File menu. It just stays open and uses about 50% of the CPU. I have to End the Process from the Task Manager window. I had a similar problem with iTunes 7.5. The iTunes window would close but the process would remain active. I had to exit iTunes from the Task Manager window also.
    I am using Windows XP. I don't have this problem with any other process.
    Any ideas about this out there?
  2. IphoneTony

    IphoneTony Zealot

    how old is your computer? I never had this problem maybe steve added this in the update so we go out and buy a mac
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  4. smeister

    smeister New Member

    My PC is a couple of years old. I never had this problem before iTunes 7.5. I am definitely NOT a Mac person. My son is and we have arguments all the time about which machine one should have.
  5. smeister

    smeister New Member

    I found and fixed the problem. Photoshop Elements Downloader was configured to automatically detect and download files from connected devices (cameras, iPhone, etc.). I disabled the automatic download feature and my iTunes problem went away.

  6. aspac

    aspac New Member

    iTunes won't close

    I have the same problem - iTunes keeps hanging and will not close. How exactly do I disable the Photoshop auto feature? Cheers.
  7. smeister

    smeister New Member

    I checked Photoshop Elements on my PC. The option "Auto Launch Adobe Photo Downloader on Device Connect" is turned off. I am still having the same problem with exiting iTunes. I haven't found an "Automatic Download" option in Elements. Am I missing something?

  8. aspac

    aspac New Member

    Fixing iTunes

    Hi All

    I found the answer to my problems. I run NOD32 Eset AntiVirus and it doesn't play nicely with iTunes latest versions. If you check the following link and follow the instructions you should find that iTunes will close properly - at least it does for me now.:cool:
  9. smeister

    smeister New Member

    That fixed my problem also. I'm running Nod32 ver 2.7. I excluded the iTunes.exe from IMON scanning and the problem went away. Thanks very much. I've been looking for this solution for months.

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