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Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by Nikki205, Jun 9, 2011.

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    On 6/8/11, I had 13 apps billed to me from my iTunes account leaving only less than a dollar. I did not order ANY of these apps. I immediately notified Apple. They set up an investigation and froze my account. I changed my password and while the investigation is ongoing, I may not update or buy any apps. My credit card which had been on file with Apple had also been removed by them while the investigation is ongoing.
    I asked if this was just an error or did they suspect fraud. I was informed that they did indeed suspect fraud. I hope that this is an isolated case, but I don't think so.
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    This happens to all online services. I had my PayPal account hacked a while ago. Best way to prevent it is to use strong passwords and change them periodically.

    But I can't really see the logic in buying apps on your account... Not like they can resell them or even transfer them to another account. I wonder why they'd bother...
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    I never knew something like this was even possible. I hope they get this fixed for you soon. As was mentioned above, using a strong password and changing it often is a good idea.

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    This very same thing happened to me this year. Over 50$ in apps and music that I never purchased. I do t Ever even use use the email the person signed up with. It's crazy people do stuff like this. I never got my money back either. It really bites. I just opened a new account and got a fresh start.
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    Some things come to mind with hacked accounts
    You can buy gift codes with iTunes (I wonder if tehy can check who redems those) and if someone haccks your account they know how to get it to their devices transfered
    You can set up paypal (not every country) and they have buyers protection

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