iTunes can't find iPhone


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Jul 22, 2008
I've reinstalled my PC. Before I reinstalled it, whenever I plug in the iPhone the iTunes would discover it.

However, now as I've reinstalled my PC (new hardware)
and downloaded iTunes 7.7 the iTunes won't "discover" the iPhone.

Anyone got any ideas of what to do? Yes I have reeboted iPhone and the PC. Still the same.

I got windows XP just in case.

Thank you!


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Aug 3, 2008
It is a common issue and has many factors

1. Make sure you are plugged into the back of the PC and not using the Dock

2. Unplug any other devices that use USB except the devices you need

3. Restart the computer to refresh the USB ports after you have unplugged everything

4. Uninstall iTunes

5. Reinstall it at

6. If that does not work try to create a new admin user account
Start->control panel->Users and accounts

That should do the trick, if not try and see if it works on a different computer