iTunes didn't put my pictures back on my iPhone...

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by Redneck1996, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Redneck1996

    Redneck1996 Zealot

    ...or my contacts, or my previous texts when i updated to iOS 5. It did put all my music and apps back on though. Can y'all help me figure out how to get all of this back? I backed up everything right before I restored, so I know it's in iTunes somewhere.
  2. Lon

    Lon Evangelist

    In iTunes, select your device in the right hand column, right click it and select Restore and choose the option of restoring from the backup of your previous device. That should have happened during the upgrade, but maybe applying it manually will restore everything.
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  4. Redneck1996

    Redneck1996 Zealot

    Thanks! I'll try that when I get home. The main reason I want all of this back is pictures of my grandpa that passed away and my brand new baby brother that's named after him.
  5. Redneck1996

    Redneck1996 Zealot

    It doesn't give me that option. Also, I can't get BiteSMS to work. Can somebody help me with that too?

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