iTunes Music Question

Apr 18, 2013
Been enjoying customizing my new iPhone (finally up from the 3G to the 5 :)) ... But rebuilding my playlists, and making all new ones from the *THOUSANDS* of songs I have is kind of mind-boggling. I ran into one snafu: I'd bought some music years ago with an old iTunes account, and now for those songs it says I'm not authorized to play them... any ideas on how to get around that? That email account is long gone, so I can't request a new password or anything. Is there maybe some way to convert those songs (they must be encoded, because I bought them from iTunes). Thanks...


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
A couple of suggestions.

First, I'd submit a request to Apple's iTunes support. Explain the issue, providing them with your previous email account.

You could try this software, although I've never used it. If it's a small number of tracks, see if you can burn an audio CD with them. I'm guessing no since they are unauthorized. My wife had DRM encoded tracks that I wanted converted to MP3. I created audio CDs from the tracks and then reimported them into iTunes as MP3s.