iTunes or iCloud sync problems

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New Member
Jul 8, 2009
hi everyone i am having some problems with my library and iPhone sync I got a new iPhone 4 s from Apple because my mic wasn't working I was tramsfering my info from icloud at the store and i went home my new device finished downloading apps and stuff but noew my iTunes library has 5 albums in it when i try to sync on the info bar at the bottom of the screen goes up and shows full library and then goes back to 5 again ive tried playing one track under the device then syncing and that didn't fix it ive tried consolidating my library then syncing nope that didn't do it either all of my device music has exclimarion points next to it except the 5 albums amy ideas?.
Feb 6, 2012
This solution may help: On your iPhone look for the "iTunes" app and click on it. On the bottom, look for "Purchased" and click on that. From there you can download your Music and TV Shows. I too was unable to regular way from iTunes, but this worked great. It should work for you, at least for these items.