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    So I bought some songs of iTunes yesterday everything was fine, until i connected my iPod to my laptop the songs were took of my iPod and brought on to my iTunes librairy. So, i synced my iPod and iTunes librairy hoping it would just bring it back to my iPod, It didn't. The songs i bought all have a grey exclaimation mark against it 3 of the songs have grey writing also the other 3 have black writing the 6 songs won't sync or play on my iTunes librairy i have checked all boxes are ticked and that i have enough space i don't understan what is going on, i bought a song today and it is fine. Can someone please help? Thank you :confused:
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    I've had the same issue, as well as a greyed out syc symbol next to some songs/tones.
    Went through extensive work with Apple senior tech, who ultimately forwarded it to engineering, for the sync issue, which eventually just went away.
    For the exclamation, I believe I resolved that by right clicking, and directing iTunes to locate the file on the computers hard drive......
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