iTunes Problems


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Nov 16, 2009
Hi all,

I currently have all my music in MP3 format and saved to my HDD in a folder called "Music", they are then split into artist folders and then within the artist, split into album folders

I would like to convert the to AAC format to reduce the size.

I have read various how to's on coverting files with iTunes but I cant seem to get it quite right. I want to achieve the following -

Convert each file, leaving the orginal intact and save the new AAC version to a different location on another HDD.

It seems that even using the "Hold shift, click advanced..." method it would have to manually slelect each set of album files. I just want to say every file in the root "Music" folder.

PLease let me know how to best achieve this

Thanks all


Jun 5, 2010
First go to iTunes and go to Edit>Preferences>under General Tab go to Import Settings and make sure that Import Using: is set to AAC Encoder.
Then go to Advanced Tab and be sure that Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder When Adding to Library is Checked (you might also want to check Keep iTunes Media folder organized).
Then you can either drag and drop or import all your music from your HDD to iTunes and it will be automatically converted to AAC. Edit: You can import it by individual folder, or you should be able to just select your Music folder and it will import it all.
If you then want to backup or keep that music file on an HDD, you can find it (on Win7) at C>Users>[user name]>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Music.
You can either move it from there (which requires some other processes so iTunes can find it), or you can simply copy and paste it to your HDD.


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Nov 16, 2009

Thank for the reply.

I have followed the steps you have outlined but it does not seem to be converting MP3 files. I got a message pop up saying it was going to convert wma but as the large majority of my files are MP3 is it vital that it convert all files.

Any solutions gratefuly received