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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by snowtrooper1966, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Greetings!
    Really digging the 3GS 16GB phone I have had for about a week!
    After using a AllTel HTC Touch Pro and a tMobile MyTouch, I am finally able to download and watch BluRay digital copies! WOOT!!!!
    I was in iTunes a few days ago and was able to sync, name the phone and download my digital copy of the Star Trek film onto the phone, no problems.
    With the understanding I am using a unlocked iPhone on my tMobile account, I tried to sync today, and got this:

    The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

    Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please
    insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported carrier’s store to receive a ​
    replacement SIM card.

    Not sure why. Nothing has changed, although I did download some stuff from Cydia: Winterboard, Dock and a few Cydgets.
    Sorrry my first post is asking for help, but I just found this board looking for help online.
  2. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    I would go for a restore (as new), re-unlock and re-jailbreak...
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  4. iNinja

    iNinja Zealot

    I agree, it seems there may be a problem with your unlock.

    Restore and jailbreak and unlock again.
  5. iphonegirl

    iphonegirl New Member

    I agree. I had this same problem before. I am using a pay as you go pick your plan sim for my Iphone rather than a plan.. You need to do a full restore jailbreak and unlock.
  6. iphonegirl

    iphonegirl New Member

    agreed. If you haven't used blackra1n before, it's quick and easy.
  7. Yikes!
    As you can see from above post, I am new to all this.
    I bought the phone as is, and have no experience unlocking/jailbreaking.
    I looked around online before I bought the phone to see if I could easily find the programs and do the unlock/jailbreak myself, but it seemed a bit overwhelming.
    I guess I have no choice now.....
    I do not have the programs on my computer, but Cydia and blackrain are on the phone....
  8. Any further insight would be greatly appreciated!
    If this is not the proper place to discuss unlock/jailbreak, I would apprecite a PM or a point in the correct location.
  9. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    It's as easy as pie.

    First and foremost- BACK UP YOUR PHONE!!! everything you want to keep, you need copies of.
    Second, test the SIM in another GSM phone to make sure that it is still working. It very well could be that it died.

    Lastly- If your SIM operates fine but you are still having the problem, Remove the sim and try to sync the phone. If it will not let you sync, then your last time syncing is now your backup. Make notes about what was added since then.
    Hold down the Sleep/wake button and the home button till the phone reboots. Then the silver Apple logo shows up, release the Sleep/wake button, BUT keep holding the home button till the connect to iTunes logo shows up.
    Connect to iTunes and restore.
    restore the profile from the last completed sync
    Go to and click on either the Windows or Mac icon and download blackra1n.exe
    CLOSE ITUNES. with the phone still connected to the PC, Launch blackra1n.exe
    in about 15 -20 seconds, your phone will be jailbroken. Then it will reboot.
    When it comes back up, locate blackra1n on your phone and launch it.
    Choose what you want to install. At this point I suggest all 3: Cydia, ROCK, and Blacksn0w. Blacksn0w will unlock the phone
  10. Thanks, Hawk!
    The SIM is still working, as I can make calls, and am using the iPhone in question to write this reply....
    Blackrain is currently installed on same iPhone, do I need it on the PC iPhone will be syncd with?
    Many thanks!
  11. Just tried to sync without sim, no luck, iTunes would not sync without sim.
    Still wondering if I need blackrain on PC. Have it on iPhone. Will a iTunes restore wipe the blackrain from the iPhone?
  12. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Yes, it will.

    I'd try reinstalling sn0w first (it's in the blackra1n app). That should hacktivate it so it will sync with iTunes. If that doesn't work, you can restore from an iTunes backup, rejailbrake with blackra1n and then unlock with sn0w.
  13. Great, thanks!
    Will I loose any data by reinstalling sn0w?
  14. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    No, it shouldn't. You're likely going to need to restore it though, so hopefully your last backup isn't too old.
  15. So, not that I'm a procrastenator, but I'm finally getting around to rejailbreaking....
    I still cannot syc to iTunes.
    I have pkgbackup from cydia, so I know I'll be good with all my apps, but am wondering about stuff like my winterboard settings, notes, iTunes songs recently downloaded onto phone, stuff like that.
    Also thinking about using
    Also not sure what OS version to upload.
    Currently on 3.1.2, with the old 3GS botrom.
    Any insight is appreciated.
    Also have SHSH's on file w/cydia for 3.1.2 through 4.0.1, if that helps.
    Thanks in advance!
  16. Bump....
    I am able to connect to iTunes now, with new sim from tmobile installed. Just looking for guidence to upgrade to 3.1.3?

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