iTunes update question

I never upgraded my iTunes so I could keep all my Apps...when I do update, will I lose everything once this new jailbreak is avail? Or will there be some kind of patch so when I do update, I can keep all my 3rd party apps? Or will I have to update, and then install a totally new application? Im wanting to update since my volume sucks- but at the same time, I want my hacks.

And for anyone who wants to post that theres a million other threads on this subject....PISS OFF...I don't sit here on this site all day and look for new posts! I may visit it 1nce a week if that, so kindly accept my cyber slap.
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Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
umm, im retty sure, but the only reason there was to NOTa update your iTunes was to keep that free ringtone bug. but anyways, u shoudnt lose anything on your phone unless you hit the restore button, or hit check for update (and update to version 1.1.1 on iPhone)

and to your "cyber slap" no body expects you to look for new posts all the time, no body even said thats what you need to do, what we are all saying is USE THE SEARCH BUTTON! that is completely different. you could have just read this site for the first time today, and still use the search button and find your answer.
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