iTunes video look too dark.

Jun 12, 2009
Hi guys,

I have a question that I'd like answer as soon as you guys get a chance. Recently, I purchased Small Ville Season 9 in HD from iTunes. I've always been a Small Ville fan, and I've been dying to season 9 and 10.

I just have 1 problem, when I try to play the videos, the videos look extremely dark. I'm not exaggerating by any means, but the videos are simply super dark. I connected my Mac to my TV through the HDMI port, and the videos look perfect, just how they're suppose to look.

My question is, is there any way to make the videos look any better on iTunes? I've tried downloading VLC media player, only to find out that iTunes videos are protected and cannot be played on another other player besides QuickTime.

Thanks for any help, guys.


Oct 2, 2008
I didn't want to start a new topic so this seem like the best place to ask this....

I'm trying to watch movies from my laptop on my tv via hdmi the picture is fine but there's no sound. Can someone explain this? HDMI is a audio/video cable so why no sound? I have the aluminum unibody MacBook 1 gen. Thanks

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