iTunes wont start after being closed out.


Nov 20, 2012
US Midwest
I start up iTunes, sync my iPhone to my computer's Outlook software and then I'll close out iTunes. I'll check that all the changes are reflected on the computer and on my phone and everything is as it should be. If I make some additional changes a couple hours later and want to sync them I'll try to start iTunes but nothing happens. I have waited as long as 15 minutes but iTunes refuses to start unless I reboot my computer. I have tried many of the remedies I found on Apple's website and other places. I am using the latest versions of iTunes and iOS on my iPhone 7 and am using a PC running Windows 7 that is updated regularly. While this is not all that big a deal it is a major pain in the butt to have to wait for my computer to shut down then restart to once again be able sync my phone and PC. Any help I can get will be appreciated.