ive jailbreaked but ive had problems who's got answers?


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Jan 7, 2008
OK heres the scoop o got a touch for xmas put tons of music on it then i heard about Jailbreak used a great link www.touchdev.net/wiki/Jailbreak_1.1.2 and everything was fine so i use the installer put tons of stuff on my i pod and go to put more music on my touch but when i hook up i i tunes it dident recoginze me so for me to let it recoginze me i had to let it delete all my music off my touch ( except the music i bought in i tunes ) So fine did that and everything still was working fine. (OK HOLD UP A MINUITE) (( SO at this point the only music that was on my touch was the music i bought on i tunes BUT on iTunes it sill had all the music i had in the beginning.)) So back to this So i hook my touch back up to i tunes and now i tunes cant recognize me again and wants to sync again ok fine so now i tunes puts ALL my music on ok great! (i was surprise because i heard someone on another site say that when you jailbroke you lost all your music) SO now FINALLY my i pods jailbroken and i have all my music BUT WAIT now then installer that you get with the jailbreak wont hook up to the servers you get your apps from :mad:(@#%@%@#$%#$^) :mad:IS WHAT I SAID !

Now the reason why i said all that is because i want to know if someone knows what order i should do all this in so this dosent happen again.

Ive already restored my ipod to factory settings so what should i do?

Jailbreak then put my music on?
or music then jailbreak?

i just don't want to waste all this time doing it again only to have it mess it
personally i think jailbreak is the coolest thing about the ipod:laugh2:


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Jan 15, 2008
State College, PA
when i fist got mine it had 1.1.2 so i had to downgrade

but i jailbroke and then put my music on. and i haven't had any problems and it was in november when i JB it.

you can PM me if you have any more questions