Ivyskin XyloT3 Case?


New Member
Dec 10, 2008
Okay not gonna wait to post my review.
The case ends up with dust fibres getting under the cases screen .
I noticed air bubbles forming on the screen which actually dissapeer
when you slightly squeeze the sides but i have found that one of the air bubbles
has stayed on the iPhone screen so it has to be taken out to clean off.
The bottom corners you have to push quite hard to press options in that area and the power off slider needs a harder press on the cases screen.
To sum up its not a bad case i will only use it when i take it out with me as it provides good protection from scratches whilst in the pocket and pulling in and out.
Its price is pretty steep for what it is at £30.68 (item and shipping from the states)But was a christmas present so i'm not disappointed.
Im not too fussy about the mirror reflective trim around the front of the screen.
good protection,but best to be used only for when your out and about.Take it out while your at home and for home use but be careful you don't drop it.Also put your iPhone 3g down on somthing soft.