Jailbreak and 3.0.1 update

Aug 2, 2009
I jailbrok my 3GS with the purple rain dude's method. I've heard that when you update the iPhone firmware, you need to jailbreak again. I read that redsno or whatever it is called will still jailbreak the 3.0.1.

Can someone confirm this is the case.

More importantly, I realize iTunes doesn't backup the jailbroken apps. Is there an app I can download to do that, or am I stuck having to re-install all my Cydia apps and re-configure them all (what a pain) ?

I read the 3.0.1 update is to protect against an SMS exploit. However the details I read don't seem like a) the exploit is likely to happen to me and b) even if it did happen, nothing serious could be done like steal my e-mail passwords, etc. So if a) I have to re-install all my Cydia apps and configure them and b) the SMS exploit isn't really that high of a risk it seems to me it is best to forget about this minor update.


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
A few quick answers:

-- purplera1n jailbreak no longer works after you update to 3.0.1 - and its developer has no plans to make it work
-- redsn0w jailbreak is working for most people after 3.0.1 is applied though it requires you to choose a 3.0 firmware .ipsw during the JB
-- There are apps that allow you to backup your Cydia apps and save time on reinstalling them after updating and re-jailbreaking. PkgBackup and AptBackup are two I've seen mentioned - both are in Cydia.
-- There is no current real world working exploit for the SMS vulnerability on the iPhone, though now that is has been publicly demo-ed it would not be difficult for someone to develop one very quickly
-- If an exploit was released and your phone was exploited it would be very serious, as it provides a hacker full control of your device. Nothing you have on the device is safe or OK once this occurs.