Jailbreak and syncing issues


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Jan 29, 2008
I have to confess some ignorance... A friend hacked my phone with Jailbreak 1.1.3 and it worked great for about a month.

Last week, the phone would not sync -- no recognition by either iTunes or iPhoto.

He has tried to downgrade to various Jailbreak versions and while there was one point (after six hours last night) that iTunes would launch and see the phone, it still defaulted to an upgrade link and would not let me sync.

In the process, I mistakingly tried a full restore so now I have a phone that will make and receive phone calls, but has NO contact information or eMail info whatsoever.

I'm almost ready to go buy a new phone and leave it un-hacked, but am open to suggestions...



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Jan 24, 2008
Hi I'm an old regular here, so please don't let my post count on this avatar fool you ;)

First off, lets find out why you're not able to restore.

I know for a fact that the backup files from 1.1.3 are different than any of the previous versions that iTunes creates each time you sync your iPhone. It actually does backups during that, syncronizing any new contacts and such.

So what I'm going to guess here is that somewher during the Re-Jailbreaking process your iPhone was downgraded to a firmware lower than 1.1.3? If this is correct, than it may explain why all of your contacts are gone.

Upon reconnecting your iPhone with iTunes while using a lower firmware than 1.1.3 creates a conflict with your last sync. iTunes has the backup file it needs to restore on your phone, but the format that its in now differs from what 1.1.X wants to accept. As a result iTunes cannot resolve the matter and asks you to activate your phone as "New" whereby it deletes your current backup and makes a new compliant one of your 1.1.X iPhone that currently has no data on it.

So now we've got a backup file without any information, and as the iPhone travels its way back up to a 1.1.3, jailbroken or not, that empty database gets carried along with it.


Now, there is also a syncing issue with the older Dev Team Jailbreak released, and I can verify that 1) there is a fix for it available, 2) the new jailbreak by the Dev Team resolves this matter and 3) I have used both versions of the jailbreak and did not have any sync issues myself, they are primarily related to iPhone users who unlock their phones to work on carriers other than ATT/O2.


How to get your contacts back?

If you're on a Mac, theres a strong probability that Address Book absorbed your iPhone's contact list. You can reimport it onto the phone by checking in "Sync Contacts" from the Info tab in iTunes.

If on a PC, you'll just have to go through the original hoops you did the first time you got your phone and imported them through Outlook -> iTunes.


I can't remember if you had any followup queries in your original post, so I'll wind it down here, hopefully I've shed some light on one or two things for ya.


Dec 30, 2007
There is also a fix in the installer for syncing issues., if the mentioned above didn't fix your problem. good luck.


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Jul 2, 2007
I'm confused

1.1.3 has only been out 2 weeks?