jailbreak and unlock questions REQUIRED INFORMATION


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Mar 21, 2008
8 mile
can we make this a sticky, maybe even somehow have this pop up when someone clicks "new thread" in this section?

when posting a question about jailbreaking or unlocking the iPhone, those of us who help need to know a few things in order to actually help you. these include:

1. what iPhone you are using
2. what firmware you are using
3. what type of computer you are using
4. what type of jailbreak program you are using
5. what the problem actually is

i love helping people out, but it is really getting old seeing the same "help i need HELP" threads with "i tried to jailbreak my iPhone and it went wrong, PLEASE help!" in the body of the thread. obviously the search button is a valuable tool, but it is rarely used by new members who would rather just have someone spoon feed them exactly what they need to do. this is what this site is all about, however i see these threads consistently (and i know others do too) and it is hard not to just tell them to use the damn search button (or even do it for them). but for this section specifically, i think it would help a lot of people if they were required to read or put this information in when making a new thread for help.